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My Humminbird Fish Finder Blog | Fishing The Seas Using Humminbird Fish Finders
  • Using The Best Golf Balls To See How Well A Fishfinder Tracks

    Golf has always been reckoned as a prestigious game that offers a single player
    the greatest challenge of winning. For many decades the game of golf has been
    articulated with the specialized training offered from the youngest childhood
    years and great golf players such as Tiger Woods have managed to envelop a
    successful career from this focus. Golf rules stipulate that all, not just the best golf balls, should
    have a maximum weight of 45.93 grams and a maximum diameter of 42.67
    millimeters. Check out these great golf balls you can use!

    Fish finders on the other hand are one of the most highly advanced
    technological equipments used to track fish while fishing as well as track any
    other activities occurring under the water. It gives one a more clearer vision
    as and the underwater world, the water depth, turbulence and temperature as
    well. We will discuss how these and the best golf balls go together.

    Types of Fish finders

    Fish finders come in a variety of
    designs and brands and the Humminbird fish finder is one brand that has
    enveloped a unique design as well highly advanced fish finders that showcase the
    most accurate information a fisher needs or even a sea, river or ocean traveler
    needs to realize the environment around. Some of the humming bird fish finders
    1. Hummin110 fishin’ Buddy which is portable.
    2. Humminbird 561
    DI fish finder.
    3. Humminbird PiranhaMax 175 fish finder
    4. Humminbird
    598ci HD SI fish finder combo which is very advanced and offers colored
    graphical images for better view.

    How to use a golf ball to measure how well a fish finder tracks:

    1. The best Golf balls are great as they are heavy
    enough to sink as deep as possible and are best used to find the water depth of
    the water mass.
    2. You can opt to tie the golf ball on a light string and let
    it loose into the water to sink or you can opt to simply sink it into the water
    as it is.
    3. Switch on the fish finder you have in hand and have it track the
    movement of the golf ball right before you sink it into the water.
    4. Some
    trackers will also be able to give a graphical image of the ball sinking deep
    until where it settles. In this time the fish finder is measuring the depth
    travel of the ball until it stops as well as the temperature.

  • Stocking Your Used Travel Trailer: What Else To Bring Fishing

    Camping in a used travel trailer is all about connecting with nature, and getting away from it all. If you are truly a camping enthusiast you prefer to do it with no creature comforts, and no electricity. There are still a few things you need to bring along with you. The following are the camping essentials.

    Obviously it is smart to have a used travel trailer traveltrailerguide.com has travel trailers for sale. Some people will rough it and just sleep under the stars in a sleeping bag, but what if it starts raining? You should have at least a tent, and a tarp to lie on the ground before you pitch it. Next you need a sleeping bag and blankets if it is going to be cold. For cooking purposes you will need to bring water, or something you can get water in, and matches to light a fire. Bring snacks and imperishable items to keep getting your protein, and have back up food in case you don’t catch any fish or your hunting returns no game.

    It’s important to bring an extra set of clothes that you can use if all your other clothes get wet or dirty. Use it as your emergency clothing and keep it in a separate area from your other bags. A first aid kit is a good idea in case any accidents occur, and you can’t go wrong with a pocket knife on you while you are in the woods. Bring any medicine you might need and sunscreen to protect your skin. These are just the essentials there are many other things you can bring with you, but these are things you definitely need to have.

  • How To Mark Fish Properly With A Fish Finder

    This video is a fish finder tutorial on how to mark fish properly. It will show you how to tell how big the fish is, what kind of bottom your’re fishing (mud, gravel, sand etc) whether you’re using a Humminbird fish finder or another brand. Personally, I like Humminbird as I’m sure you’ve noticed by the title of my blog. I researched lots of brands, and read fish finder reviews at Fish Finder Fanatic before I made my choice. Now, on to the video:

    In the video, the device used is a Humminbird 997c edition. So lets look at the 2D sonar, which starts at about 1:00. The first thing you want to do despite the brand is go into the menu and select the Sonar option. There, you will find the Fish ID option (might be called something slightly different) and then TURN IT OFF! I know, that sounds crazy! But it simply isn’t what you think…it won’t mark fish, it won’t tell you what is what. In the video you can see some blue lines go by…with Fish ID on it would mark it as fish but as you can see the strength of the sonar is pretty weak and its just as likely a change in water temp or something else.

    Now, you can follow the rest of the instructions for settings etc in the video. At 5:30 the settings are complete and now we can go look for a school of bait fish to see how to mark fish properly. You can see what a fish arc looks like at 5:50 with a school of bait fish. If you notice the signal isn’t too strong. You can tell by the color whether it is 20 feet to the left or right (blue means weaker signal). Once you find a fish, you mess with sensitivity to easier mark it and essentially see exactly where the fish is. Now it’s up to you to catch them!

  • Using My Humminbird 858c Fish Finder

    humminbird-858c-reviewFishing has been even more fun since I got my Humminbird 858c fish finder. This is one of the most popular fish finders in the market today. Since I have started using it I have realized why it is so popular. I read a lot of product reviews on different fish finders before I decided on this one. Not once have I regretted my decision. Every time I use it I am increasingly convinced of my decision to go with this device. It is money well spent. The ease with which it helps me with my fishing is a good return on investment . I have friends who’d boast about their favorite fishing spots. They’d show me pictures of fish that they’d caught. I seemed to be the only guy who couldn’t catch fish. No matter how much time I spent, I just couldn’t seem to get them to bite. I tried all the spots they’d recommend. I had no luck. I tried different lures. I must’ve spent a small fortune on artificial bait. That didn’t work out too. It was then that someone accidentally let me in on a little secret. They were all using fish finders.

    GPS is a Strong Plus

    There are several advantages with using the Humminbird 858c over other fish finders when you go fishing. This device uses the latest in scientific research to help you find fish. Additionally it also has a built-in GPS device. The GPS device is especially helpful on large lakes and at sea. It is important to remember your favorites fishing spots.  On large lakes or at sea you don’t have visual references to mark your spot. The Humminbird’s GPS feature comes very handy here. You can mark the spots where you got fish. You can use this information the next time you go fishing to the same area. Additionally this device has built-in maps off almost 3000 lakes in the United States. These maps are contour maps of the lake beds. You can receive the channels and drops where you’re most likely to catch fish. The other advantage with the GPS is that you also can never get lost. If you’re fishing in a complex maze of canals and waterways, the GPS ensures that you always find your way back. If your boat stalls, you can always call for help and give your exact coordinates.

    Humminbird’s Display surpasses all Expectations

    The display on this device makes it stand out from other fish finders. At 7 inches the screen is just perfectly wide. The 480 x 800 pixel resolution ensures crystal clear quality and picture like display. This is one of the best displays you could find on a fish finder. It is bright enough to see in daylight. You don’t have to cover the area around the screen to darken it or anything. It is readable in bright sunlight. This is the king of fish finders.  What I personally like is that it not only tells you where the fish are but also what species of fish it is. I can also differentiate underwater rocks from underwater bushes. This is important as this is where the fish are.